Lone Wolf Productions produces high end video. We work with clients who are looking to make a statement and require a flexible well equipped company to make their project come to life.



Lone Wolf Productions was born in the MTB game. We cut our teeth in the woods shooting fast passed action packed videos.  We keep the viewers coming and the sponsors happy. Take a look at what's been happening in the forests. 


Our videographer has a working knowledge of industrial safety and mill practices. Whether you need a new orientation video or just a quick aerial fly over, we know how to handle it. Do you want your videographer showing up in loafers or steel toed boots?


 Trying to sell a home? Tired of people saying "the pictures don't look like the real thing". Try utilizing video to give your property the extra attention it needs. We use high end image stabilized equipment to ensure a smooth walk through with special attention paid to your properties finer features.